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berkeleyhealth TETANUS Rapid test (Self Testing Use)

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Self-test for the determination of the level of antibodies (class G lmmunoglobulins - lgG) against tetanus in whole blood samples 

Tetanus is an acute infectious bacterial disease characterized by tonic spasm of voluntary muscles and caused by an exotoxin produced by C/ostridium tetani which is usually introduced through a wound. 
Vaccination is the best way to protect people against tetanus. Being up to date with the tetanus vaccine is the best way to prevent the disease. 

Checking the level of the lgG against tetanus toxin is the only way to protect the body from this seriuos disease. With TETANUS TEST it is possible to discover if these antibodies are still circulating in the body.

Draw a blood sample by using the sterile lancet provided.
Collect the sample indicated with the black line by using the capillary pipette provided.
Deposit the collected specimen into the sample well (S) indicated on the test cassette.
Add 2 drops of the diluent and wait 5 minutes before reading the result.
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