About Us

Berkeley Health Limited is a leading UK provider of diagnostic tests and medical devices specialising in rapid self-testing. Millions of self tests have been distributed in the UK alone.

We make high quality healthcare products more accurate and accessible to people all around the world, offering a large range of tests
that identify specific conditions, illnesses, and diseases.

Our Home Rapid Tests will give health insights before you need to go to a GP for advice.

Berkeley Health was formed out of Medical Supplies Direct a United Kingdom Company. We are a recognised company within the
health care sector.

Berkeley Health's goal is to be the preferred business partner for our customers by providing exceptional product quality and services.
Berkeley Health employees demonstrate that quality comes first by continuously increasing knowledge about our customers, business

We assure our commitment by:
* Effectively developing all employee's talents and competence
* Striving to achieve total customer satisfaction
* Monitoring the voice of the customer and taking appropriate actions where necessary
* Requiring commitment from suppliers and other partners to apply the same principles
* Using fair trade principles and acting ethically with honesty and integrity
* Establishing robust processes to continuously deliver products on time, with zero defects.
* Establishing and continuously improving our quality systems that align with customer requirements along with ISO9001 standard, ISO13485 and applicable regulatory requirements.