Urinary Tract Infection: An Interview

Urinary Tract Infection: An Interview

Urinary tract infections, or the so-called UTIs, are fairly common especially among women. It is estimated that between 50% and 60% of adult women experience a urinary tract infection during their lifetime. The prevalence of this kind of infection decreases over years, as 10% of postmenopausal women indicate that they had a UTI in the previous year.

Despite the fact that some UTIs are not complicated and relatively easy to treat, they tend to recur, making female sexual life and overall health problematic. Today we present an interview with a woman who has experienced a urinary tract infection. We will discuss common symptoms, prevention and advice for other women who struggle with recurring UTIs.

Do you know what caused a UTI in your case?

I once had infections and I guess I didn't recover from them very well. I only used regular over-the-counter medicines at the pharmacy and unfortunately now the infections sometimes recur. To be honest, I noticed that they appear more often after long sexual intercourse. However, I do not want to refrain from sexual life completely. And unfortunately, now the same situation has happened. I know that UTIs tend to recur and in my case this has turned out to be true.

What symptoms did you notice?

Oh, I must admit that they were terrible. Strong pressure on the bladder, feeling of full bladder despite emptying it and urinating. Additionally, I felt severe pain and burning when urinating and abdominal pain. I wish no one experiences such symptoms, as at first I couldn't function normally. Unfortunately, women experience UTIs more often than men, and sometimes it is easy to confuse the symptoms with menstrual pain, for example. Therefore, women should stay aware and monitor their health on a daily basis.

How did you treat the urinary tract infection?

Of course, I scheduled a specialist’s appointment who prescribed adequate medications. Moreover, I supported my recovery by drinking cranberry juice and I made sure to stay hydrated all the time. The treatment did not last long, but I had to be disciplined and patient at the same time. Fortunately, the symptoms have disappeared after several days. Nevertheless, I still had to refrain from sexual intercourse for some time.

How did you make a pre-diagnosis by yourself?

When I experienced a urinary tract infection for the first time, I did not know its symptoms but as I have mentioned, I have already had this type of infection several times, so now I can immediately recognize it. Of course, it is crucial to remember that a specialist’s consultation will always help in adjusting the most appropriate treatment, so it is vital not to skip it.

What is your opinion on UTI self-tests?

I find these tests a very useful solution, especially for people who cannot recognize a urinary tract infection, but they struggle with difficult symptoms, such as urination difficulties or bladder pain. Self-tests can be an excellent pre-diagnosis which may make the diagnostic process smoother and quicker. I fairly recommend them!

Would you like to add something?

Yes, I would like to highlight that once you have self-diagnosed a UTI, it is inevitable to visit a medical practitioner. Why? When not treated properly, urinary tract infections tend to recur, as the underlying cause is not resolved. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist and talk about your UTI symptoms - it is nothing you should be ashamed of, but on the contrary: effective treatment can be administered only after a specialist’s appointment.

Thank you for your contribution and all the information that you have enriched our readers with.

Thank you very much! I hope that the social awareness and prevention of UTIs will increase - it is a widespread problem which is, sadly, not widely discussed. I know that, especially for older generations, it might be a taboo, but there is nothing worse than avoiding treatment because you are ashamed to speak about your problem!


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