New Year, New You? Set Your Health Goals For 2024!

New Year, New You? Set Your Health Goals For 2024!

The new year can be a great opportunity to change unhealthy habits, but, above all, to work on your lifestyle and general physical and mental balance. Although it is not worth getting frustrated and radically changing your life from January 1, setting realistic goals for your health will certainly have a positive impact on your well-being.

What should you focus on when setting New Year's resolutions for 2024 concerning health? Here's a concise guide where you can learn how to attain your goals without unnecessary frustration and regret. Additionally, discover ways to support both yourself and others in maintaining health throughout the new year.

New Year’s Resolutions: A Sensible Approach

The beginning of the new year typically sees many individuals opting for a drastic overhaul of their lifestyle, with gyms bustling with new trainees and dietitians facing increased demand for their services. Yet, in practice, making radical changes to one's diet or physical activity may not necessarily lead to improved health. Specialists suggest that small, consistent changes can have a more positive impact on our physical and mental well-being compared to drastic actions.

If you aim to transform your lifestyle in the coming year, set achievable goals. Rather than making a broad commitment to engage in more sports, specify that you will walk 10,000 steps daily. Various mobile applications can assist you in monitoring and cultivating this habit.

Be Consistent But Understanding

Remember that implementing New Year's resolutions should be a pleasure; after all, good health should bring great satisfaction and improved well-being every day. Therefore, if you fail to keep one of the goals, do not get frustrated unnecessarily. Others lose the enthusiasm to continue, so be understanding towards yourself. Remember that resolutions are supposed to help you maintain well-being and balance, not provide you with further problems.

If you need extra motivation, share your New Year's goals with others. Perhaps there is someone in your social circle who would be interested in joining the gym with you, scheduling regular medical appointments, or incorporating supplements into their routine.

Before You Start, Evaluate The Status Quo

To initiate efforts toward change, it's valuable to evaluate your current situation and health requirements. Do you have any chronic illnesses? Are you part of a high-risk group, or do you possibly have nutritional deficiencies? Check these and other parameters. If necessary, consult a specialist and, above all, start with self-diagnostics. Thanks to quick self-tests, you will find out whether you need to take special steps or whether preventive measures are enough.

BerkeleyHealth's offer includes rapid tests supporting the diagnosis of cancer (e.g. prostate), kidney failure, and deficiencies (e.g. vitamin D). You can perform the tests conveniently at home and will allow you to precisely identify the health needs that are worth paying attention to in the new year. With this knowledge, health challenges will become even easier!

Monitor Your Progress

Remember that monitoring your progress is key to maintaining healthy habits in the long run - whether it's a balanced diet, exercise or other preventive activities. The diary will help you track changes in your habits - write down your daily tasks, e.g. maintaining proper hydration or undergoing regular preventive screening. There are many online tools available today to help you maintain a healthy routine. One of them is the Berkeley Health App, thanks to which you can easily keep track of your health records.

Starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle in 2024 will be easy if it is based on making gradual and sustainable changes. Setting achievable goals, maintaining consistency, and practising self-understanding contribute to lasting well-being. Sharing your aspirations with others will build a supportive community, and utilizing tools such as the Berkeley Health App helps in monitoring and celebrating your progress. May 2024 be a year full of positive transformations, enhanced health, and an improved version of yourself