Interview with a Person with Anaemia

Interview with a Person with Anaemia

Anaemia is one of the most common global health problems – according to the World Health Organization, 40% of children 6–59 months of age, 37% of pregnant women, and 30% of women 15–49 years of age worldwide suffer from this condition. In a vast majority of cases, anaemia is linked to other underlying conditions, ranging from iron deficiency to rheumatoid arthritis.

Although in some cases anaemia may be effectively treated by relevant supplementation and a balanced diet, it is crucial to recognize it and follow the specialists' guidelines strictly. What does a person who suffers from anaemia say about this condition? Read our interview and find out.

You are a young, active woman with an aneamia diagnosis. How did you discover it?

Well, my symptoms were not that obvious. I have been suffering from constant fatigue recently, even though I used to relax during the weekends and get enough sleep. I also suffered from excessive hair loss, my skin was pale and it lacked emotions. As this was all surprising and disturbing for me, I decided to take laboratory blood tests.

What was your reaction to the diagnosis? 

My anaemia diagnosis was accompanied by another disease. To be honest, I felt overwhelmed and discouraged at first. I didn't know how the situation was going to develop – whether I would be able to fight my health problems. However, I decided to take action – I scheduled a doctor's appointment immediately. I could only speculate about the causes of my disease…

I suppose that the anaemia diagnosis resulted from general fatigue, physical work and eating too little - these are the aspects I definitely would like to improve.

What recommendations have you received? How did the situation improve?

The doctor recommended that I take general care of myself and introduce changes to my diet - now I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables and vitamin supplementation is my daily routine. I must admit I have a lot more energy and I have experienced a real glow-up! People also notice that, telling me that I look absolutely stunning, healthy and glowing.

Are you going to monitor your health?

Of course, even though the results of my laboratory tests are within the norm right now, I am planning to get regular medical check-ups to make sure that the symptoms will not come back. If the problems persist, I will contact my doctor immediately. 

I know a lot of people who forget about monitoring their health and getting medical check-ups regularly - and it is a mistake that might have serious consequences.

Would you take a rapid test in order to check the iron and ferritin levels? Would you recommend it to others?

I suppose it is a convenient option, especially for those with busy, hectic lifestyles. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with their health on a daily basis, without the need to commute anywhere or wait for the results. It is also useful on holiday or abroad, when the opportunities to seek medical help are usually limited.

Thank you very much for the interview and we do hope you will fight back anaemia for a long time!

Thank you, the topic is extremely important to me, so it was a pleasure to talk to you. I hope we will raise our social awareness of anaemia and conditions related to it.