Get to know us: why cooperate with Berkeley Health Limited?

Get to know us: why cooperate with Berkeley Health Limited?

In the post-pandemic reality, our health is constantly exposed to different threats. Dangers connected with climate change, air pollution, genetically modified food, use of preservatives, drug or alcohol abuse and many others are affecting us more than ever. 

What can each of us do about it? One way of resolving this problem is to stay indifferent and seem not to notice the issues affecting humankind. The other possibility is to face the challenges of the modern world and try to adjust to the new, often difficult, reality. 

At Berkeleyhealth, we are experts in facing challenges of the modern times and suggesting optimal solutions. With us, you can provide your clients and patients with top-quality self tests which are well-designed and easy to use.

Berkeleyhealth: rapid tests available instantly

As an instant response to the threats of modern times and the needs of contemporary patients and clients, we have launched a series of quick and available rapid tests.

Rapid testing is one of the most reliable and adjustable methods of self-testing. They can be used in both medical and domestic circumstances and they are highly indicative. For this reason, rapid tests invariably stay in high demand. 

In our offer, we provide a variety of tests identifying specific conditions and diseases, such as drug use quick tests or gastrointestinal rapid tests. 

What is important, all the tests can be performed by the patient, which makes the products extremely accessible.

Top-quality products and the highest safety procedures

We not only provide our partners with top-quality products, but also follow strict safety procedures and guidelines. We are constantly open to constructive feedback, listening to our partners’ and customers’ voices.

We establish and continuously improve our quality systems that align with customer requirements along with ISO9001 standards and ISO13485 and applicable regulatory requirements, to make sure that our partners and clients receive excellent service.

Rich experience and open mindset

At Berkeley Health Limited, we are perfectly aware that even the best quality products will not be attractive to potential clients if they are not supported by relevant brand experience and an open mindset.

This is why we believe in gaining professional experience in the field of rapid testing as well as staying open to novelties. Should our partners have any questions, doubts or ideas, they are more than welcome to contact us.

Continuous progress and innovative brands

We aim to be a professional and reliable source of services and information for our business partners and clients. That is why we believe in continuous progress and developing our knowledge in various courses and additional activities. We are motivated to deliver the tests that are up-to-date as well as adjusted to the most recent health standards and knowledge.

Rapid testing is undoubtedly the future of instantly available medical procedures. We help in producing, organising, distributing and advertising rapid tests, as well as provide broad knowledge about them. We constantly seek new solutions and rely on the most recent scientific research. What is more, we follow fair trade principles and always act ethically with honesty and integrity. We constantly take care of corporate social responsibility.

If you seek a reliable, stable and experienced partner, Berkeley Health Limited is an excellent choice that you will cooperate with for years.