Berkeleyhealth at Arab Health 2023

Berkeleyhealth at Arab Health 2023

One of the main goals of Berkeleyhealth is continuous development. Therefore, we regularly take part in congresses, conferences and events in the medical industry. 

A great occasion to update our knowledge of current trends in healthcare was Arab Health 2023 - an international exhibition held in Dubai from January 30 to February 2. What was Berkeleyhealth’s engagement during this event?

Arab Health 2023: highlights of the event

At Arab Health 2023, we had a chance to present our products and innovations among 3.500 other exhibitors: top players in the medical industry.

Apart from the exhibition part, Arab Health 2023 involved a variety of conferences and lectures which were an excellent opportunity to update our knowledge of current trends in the industry. These events included several different tracks, for example: Quality Management, Public Health, Emergency Medicine, and others.

 "Arab Health has an instrumental role in bringing together regional and international policy drivers, thought leaders, and healthcare professionals through trade and innovation.”, said Ross Williams, Exhibition Director for Informa Markets.

Arab Health 2023: exclusive workshops and tours

Arab Health 2023 did not only involve presentations of a variety of brands, but also practical industry workshops. These included, for instance: “Science of regeneration and rejuvenation in women’s health” held by PureHealth, or “Introduction to robotic surgery” organised by American Hospital.

Product Discovery Tours were another highlight of Arab Health 2023. The sessions took place online prior to the inauguration of this year’s event and involved, for example, “Mindray latest innovations and solutions”, or “CellAED: the next generation deffibrilator”.

What is more, Arab Health 2023 featured webinars, online quizzes and other activities aimed at spreading professional and latest knowledge in the medical industry. 

Berkeleyhealth’ contribution to Arab Health 2023

During Arab Health 2023, we had a chance to present our products and solutions as an integral part of the innovative, futuristic world of IVDs. A wide offer of Berkeleyhealth rapid tests perfectly corresponded with the key message and value of the event. 

Throughout the four days full of experience and knowledge, we presented a variety of innovative rapid tests: check-up tests, drug-use tests, fertility tests, gastrointestinal tests, and infections tests. All of the presented product groups involved sample tests and detailed information about them. We also met our partners from all over the world such as different European countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, India etc. to expand our business and markets.

Moreover, we highlighted the innovativeness and accessibility of our products and potential advantages of their distribution, for example among pharmacies, supermarkets, and other retail outlets. 

Finally, we emphasized the role of rapid tests in contemporary healthcare and public health, as well as their key advantages. For instance, we have tackled the issue of the rapid test pricing and easiness of performing such tests by individual patients.

About Berkeleyhealth

Arab Health 2023 hosted more than 3.000 exhibitors from 70 countries. The event gained positive feedback from visitors and participants. We were extremely content to be a part of such a prestigious event. 

At Berkeleyhealth, we always emphasize our belief in continuous progress and developing our knowledge in various additional activities. We aim to be a professional and reliable source of services and information for our business partners and clients. We are motivated to deliver rapid antigen tests that are up-to-date as well as adjusted to the most recent health standards and knowledge.

One of our top products are rapid tests. We strongly believe that this kind of test is undoubtedly the future of instantly available medical procedures. We offer our help in producing, organising, distributing and advertising rapid tests, as well as provide broad knowledge about them. We always seek new solutions and rely on the most recent scientific research.

We are a reliable, top-quality partner for your business. If you want to learn more about what we do, visit our website.